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We beautifully curated an online retail of socially and eco-consciously made gift bundles, accessories, home decor pieces. Each item is handcrafted, hand-numbered, and available only in limited quantities to ensure it’s as extraordinary as the culture that inspired it.

Vibing with you

We believe that the objects in our homes are not just things to fill space, but they are pieces that make up our own works of art - allowing us to express our creative side. Our goal is to help people achieve joy and a sense of pride in their home by supplying them with simple, meaningful and functional pieces. Whether you’re enjoying coffee on the couch with a good book, taking in an intimate meal with your family, or celebrating in your home with friends and loved ones, we want to help you create an environment that you can enjoy every minute of every day and are proud to share with others.

Whether you’re searching for the next piece for your own home or you’re thoughtfully searching for the perfect gift for someone you care about, we have just the thing.

We believe in making sustainable products while being mindful of its impact on every level. It has committed to sourcing products that are handcrafted, organic, sustainably sourced, and/or local. The handcrafted products are artisan made.

This marketplace is the platform for creating the ethical home you’ve always envisioned.

Delivering worldwide, Aurora Lane.Co offsets all carbon emissions from shipments, so you can decorate your home without worrying about any muddy footprints

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Meet the Artist

Anna uses top-quality mixed media supplies such as epoxy resin, concrete, and colour pigments in creative molds and on live wood pieces, all being a one-of-a-kind creation. With the love of nature especially with the experience of exploring gorgeous scenarios throughout her lifetime, the inspiration of nature was a great influence in much of the creations into functional, multi-purpose art.  Specializing in ocean design and working with dried preserved florals, Anna’s goal is to capture the natural beauty of her surroundings and turn it into handcrafted pieces of functional art and unique home decor.